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Canberra BusinessPoint is deliverd by Canberra Business Chamber.

Canberra Business Chamber is Canberra’s leading provider of business services, advice, industry support, policy development and networking events to the business community in the ACT and surrounding region.

It is committed to the economic development and sustainability of the ACT and Capital Region.

Directly through its large individual membership and indirectly, through more than 35 affiliated industry organisations known as Kindred Organisations, the Canberra Business Chamber represents more than 5,000 businesses across the Capital Region which includes Canberra and the major regional centres of Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Yass, Cooma, Bega, Bateman's Bay and Braidwood. 

Canberra Business Chamber provides business leadership in the promotion of the economic and business development of the Capital Region by:

  • providing a strong voice to Government.  CBC liaises with and represents the interests of business to all levels of the Federal, ACT and NSW Governments and to other organisations and individuals whose functions and responsibilities affect businesses in the Capital Region.
  • providing forums for business, industrial, commercial and professional organisations to come together discuss key economic and business issues
  • providing networking opportunities which meet the needs of members
  • providing business advice, information and services to meet the needs of members.
  • taking a leading role in a wide range of initiatives that further the interests of economic and business development across the Capital Region.

Canberra Business Chamber CONNECTS businesses - to information, to other businesses and to decision-makers.  It is the business organisation of choice in the Capital Region.

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