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You are now ready to ‘cash out’ on all of the years of effort and hard work. This may also mean shutting down the business.

Major Challenges:

Determining a realistic company valuation, dealing with the financial (particularly tax) and emotional implications of no-longer being in business.

Source of Funding:

Cash flow, capital market (national and international), profits, joint ventures, licensing, divestiture.

New Horizons

The British foundry that cast Big Ben and the Liberty Bell has been in business continuously since 1570. To stay in business that long requires either a profound competitive advantage in some perpetually-in-demand product, or a remarkable capacity to adapt to the changing demands of the marketplace.

In the case of high-growth companies, providing a significant financial return to shareholders is the primary aim.  This makes a ‘business exit’, in some manner, a foregone conclusion. However, for the majority of entrepreneurs whose aim simply was to provide a lifestyle for themselves, their families and a relatively small number of employees, the decision to move on from a business is fraught with difficulties—strategic, financial and emotional.

Canberra BusinessPoint (CBP) recognises that value realisation stage is an important part of the journey for many entrepreneurs.  We also understand that while there is a lot of support for ‘starting a business’ there is a considerable gap in the market in terms of supporting people trying to exit a business, including succession planning. We are here to fill this gap.

Additionally, CBP also offers you a special opportunity to give back.  We need your considerable skills and experience to assist us in the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs.  You may find a new career or your next business opportunity at one of our events, so please consider yourself most welcome!

Typical questions at this stage:

  • How do I set up a transition business plan?
  • How can I investigate my options without signalling to my customers, competitors, employees that I’m going out of business?
  • What opportunities are there for a ‘retired’ entrepreneur who still wants to be involved?

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