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Your business is similar to a start up, but your products or services have a wide geographical coverage and will require significant up-front investment in order to get to market.

Major Challenges:

Effective management of rapid demands on limited cash and time. 

Sources of Finance:

Capital markets, profits, joint ventures, licensing, venture capital, angel investors or other equity partners.

Born Global

The phenomenon of the Born Global firm first appeared in the business literature in the early 1990. McKinsey & Co. (McKinsey & Co. 1993) were the first to identify a group of Australian manufacturers who were exporting just two years after establishment. Typically these manufacturers were producing high value-added products and had not developed a strong home market.  In order words, a born global firm is typically producing products and services that will not predominately be consumed locally. 

Today, the most common high growth start ups are innovative technology enabled products and services.  The proliferation of new internet technologies, online social media and new attitudes related to the security of e-commerce has seen explosions in high growth start ups born in Australia and open to the world. 

High growth start ups are constantly having to re-cast and revise their business plan. People are key—recruiting effective management (and non-executive or independent directors) as well as formalising accounting and management systems is imperative at this stage.

Canberra BusinessPoint (CBP) advisors are experienced in the support of high-growth firms.  They can guide you through the commercialisation pathway, beginning with independent validation of your business idea or Intellectual Property (IP).  We can assist you to access funding for innovation and getting your venture ‘pitch-ready’ for a range of institutional investors and Business Angels.

Typical questions at this stage:

  • How do I attract and pitch my business idea to potential investors? 
  • My business faces significant risks in terms of IP, capital, expertise and planning - how do I build a team to help me manage this?
  • How do I manage a multinational workforce from Australia?

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