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Your business has now matured into a thriving company that is well known in the community and with loyal customers and well-trained, dedicated employees.

Major Challenges:

Staying focussed and being prepared for changing economic conditions, competitors and customer tastes and expectations.

Sources of Finance:

Banks, government grants, cash flow, divestiture of segments.

The Next Level

Sales growth in an established business is manageable and the pace of business is now routine - perhaps you’ve even finally been able to get away for that first holiday from the business in years!

However, smart business operators understand that the biggest danger for any established company is ‘resting on its laurels’. Now is the time to re-invest in systems, processes and people, and incorporating continuous improvement and quality management systems into all aspects of the business.

Canberra BusinessPoint (CBP) advisors work with established businesses to help take them ‘to the next level’ or to ensure ongoing sustainability and profitability. How can you best take advantage of new opportunities in the marketplace when you are already heavily invested in employees, fixed assets and stock? How can you best minimise risks as customers, partners and staff change? CBP events and programs are relevant to this stage of business. A range of mentoring & business advisory services, and networking opportunities present opportunities to refine and grow your business, and to meet new potential customers, employees and partners.

Typical questions at this stage:

  • How do I launch into a new product or service without threatening my current business?
  • I have some limited experience with exporting, but do I now need someone local ‘on the ground’ in that market?
  • Am I still in the right business?  If not, what do I do now?
  • What can I do to adapt to changing market conditions?
  • How can I partner with larger firms to extend my reach into the market?
  • I cannot find and/or retain appropriately skilled and experienced staff – how can I develop effective staff attraction and retention strategies?
  • Can you help me to increase my gross and net profit?

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