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Your business is just a thought or idea.

Major challenge:

Making sure that the market opportunity is the right ‘fit’ with your skills, experience and interests.

Sources of Finance:

Personal savings, income, friends, relatives, customers, suppliers, venture capital.

Many business intenders are still working full-time and not necessarily in careers related to their business concept.  The role of Canberra BusinessPoint (CBP) is to help you work through the specific questions you may have about the logistics of setting up a business, but also with assessing the viability and feasibility of the concept.  In other words—who specifically will buy your product or service and why?  Is your concept sufficiently differentiated (better, cheaper, faster, easier to use or access) from that of your competitors?

CBP strongly believes in the value of peer learning.  It offers regular networking and education events where you will have the opportunity to meet other aspiring business owners and those who are a bit further along in their journey.  Starting a business is easy, but growing and managing a sustainable business can be both challenging and rewarding.  By hearing the stories and experiences of others first-hand, you will be better equipped to decide whether you have what it takes and what you need to avoid the pitfalls encountered by early-stage businesses.

Typical questions at this stage:

  • How do I register a business?
  • What is the appropriate business structure for me?
  • Can I get help in writing my business plan?
  • What insurances do I need?
  • What legal information do I need to know to operate my business?
  • When do I have to register for GST?
  • How can I access financial management advice?
  • I’m looking for a good accountant/lawyer/marketing person/business mentor - can you help me?
  • I’m looking for general advice on the impact of starting this business on my personal finances and relationship?  In other words, am I better off keeping my job?
  • What government assistance is available for prototyping my idea or trialling my concept?

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