What Stage is Your Business at?

As the ‘gateway’ to practical advice and support, the key to Canberra BusinessPoint services is understanding where you fit in the business life cycle.  Throughout this site, we encourage you to take our Business Stage Test. Your results help us to understand how best to assist you and makes sure that we get the most appropriate resource working on your opportunity. 

On first inspection, it might seem that these business stages are linear. 


However, in practice, the stages of business development are almost always iterative.  An established business, for instance, could require much of the same support as a start up if it acquired a new product or division.  A start up might face the same issues as a company in the ‘value realisation’ stage if a key founder were to become ill and could no longer work in the business.

 Business Lifecycle

Canberra BusinessPoint aspires to be a life-cycle provider and work with you every step of the way by providing practical resources and support.

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